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Incontinence in women

Urinary Spincter

This is a pair of muscles used to control the out pour of urine from the urinary bladder.

So when the urinary spincters are weak and out of control, its a urinary incotinence as the individual can no longer contain or control his/her urination any longer.


  1. Presently Urinary Incotinence is generally more common with women between the ages of 30 – 60.
  2. 1/4 to 1/3 of mean and women in the united states are currently suffering from urinary incotinence.
  3. Urinary incotinence posses more of a problem to indivaduals than they think.

Causes of Urinary Incotinence

This issue has various causes, which can simply be classified into four namely: Total Incotinence, Urge Incotinence, Overflow Incotinence and Stress Incotinence.
These four causes have various things under them that lead to their effects, for example a part of overflow incotinence is Constipation.
So heres a more comprehensive list of causes: Source

  1. Total Incotinence
    a. Defect from birth
    b. Spinal cord injury that affected the brain and disrupts message transfer between the Bladder and Brain.
    c. An abnormal growth of a hole or holes beside the walls of the urinary tract, usually called a fistula.
  2. Urge incotinence
    a. An inflammation on the side lining of the bladder, called Cystitis
    b. Enlargement of prostate, causing the vagina to be irritated and the bladder may drop.
  3. Overflow incotinence
    a. Urinary Stones
    b. Constipation
    c. Enlargement of prostate glands.
  4. Stress Incotinence
    a. Age
    b. Obesity
    c. Labor of child birth
    d. Menopause
    e. Surgical remove of the womb (hysterectomy)

Basically any of these aforementioned issues or what do i call them, could cause your urinary tract to loose control and release urine as soon as it comes into the bladder or avoid you from controlling your urination, you can’t stop and start again later, you don’t even start it yourself any longer.
Now that we have know what this is and the causes attached to it, i believe more in solutions than in problems so lets look at some solutions to this problem of the urinary tract that some of us are facing.


Well there are a lot of solutions to this problem, but not all solutions work for all causes.. For example, Pelvic floor exercises would work for stress incotinence but wont work for urge and overflow, so i’d advice we look at all the solutions available one after the other.

  1. Stress incontinence
    Pelvic floor exercises; These help to strengthen the sphincter and the floor muscles of the urinary tract.
  2. Bladder training
    a. Double voiding; in this method the patient urinates and then waits for a couple minutes and urinated again.
    b. Toilet Schedules; this method gives the patient and helps him/her to get used to visiting the toilet in time intervals for example 2 hours and more.
    c. Event Delay; the patient learns to delay whenever there’s an urge to urinate.
  3. Medications
    a. Topical estrogen
    b. Imipramine (Tofranil)
    c. Anticholinergics
  4. Medical Devices
    a. Sacral nerve stimulator
    b. Radiofrequency therapy
    c. Botox (botulinum toxin type A)
  5. Surgery
  6. Absorbent Pads

So if you are going through this problem, feel free to try any of these treatment methods, please save your self the stress of its complications… They include; Prolapse, Skin infections, urinary tract infections too… Please do save your life on time…

thanks for taking time out to read this post